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Department of image diagnosis


1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Van Hanh General Hospital’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a permanent magnetic type of 0.2 Tesla, Siemens’ new generation.

Magnetic Resonance is non-X-ray medical imaging diagnostic technique. Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a magnetic system to create electromagnetic field. In this field, the radio frequency source and pulse programmer generates radio frequency pulses which have effects on the photon inside a patient’ s body, that a processor system is used to record changes in the surveyed area to process images.

The magnetic resonance image has high contrast and can help to detect the very fine pathologic changes which can’t be detected by other imaging techniques even CT

MRI is widely indicated in many kinds of disorders and in many areas of human body. The indication of MRI is optional for lesion diagnoses of posterior fossa, occipital area, leukoencephalopathy and spinal injuries. It’s good for disorders of pituitary gland and adjacent areas, occupying masses of head, face and neck and assessments of cancer invasion and osteoarthromyopathies. Other indications are disorders of mediastium, liver, pelvic areas and blood vessels.

MRI is a safe technique for patients because it’s non-invasive and no X-ray is used. MRI technique is state-of-the-art nowadays and very valuable in diagnosis.

2. Multi-detector CT

Multi-detector CT at Van Hanh General Hospital is a 4-line detector, Siemens’ new generation.

Multi-detector CT is the latest technical progress of CT imaging. Thanks to many detectors, the CT receives and process data many times faster than an ordinary CT technique.

Multi-detector CT image has high contrast and shows good details of anatomy which can help to survey many kinds of organs and disorders. In addition to normal CT indications such as disorders due to injury, inflammation, tumour, congenital lesions of skull, brain, head, face and neck, thorax, pelvic area, ear, nose and throat… it’s also indicated and very valuable in cardiovascular disorders. In comparison with an ordinary CT, a multi-detector CT allows reaching many body parts at a very short time and is good to survey small and moving structures such as arteries, collecting more volume pixels for imaging reconstruction and getting more details for diagnosis.

CT’s restriction is an X-ray usage. However, its effects on human body are not much and lie in an acceptable medical limit. The multi-detector CT is an imaging technique progess and now very valuable in diagnosis.

The department of Image Diagnosis at Van Hanh Hospital is equipped with modern equipment which is originated from USA and Europe. Thus, the safety and accuracy is high and images are clear and sharp, which helps doctors to diagnose diseases exactly and monitor the progress during the treatment course easily.

The Department performs procedures and returns results as required by doctors of the out-patient departments and clinical ward, or from hospitals in other places, and private clinic and examination rooms.

We also co-operate with leading specialists of Medical Imaging Diagnosis to interpret and return early results.

3. Mammography

- For breast cancer screening at asymptomatic stages (According to current recommendations, women over 40 yrs should be checked with mammography 1-2 times /year).
- It’s performed when there are signs and symptoms such as breast mass, pain or abnormal discharging in nipple.
- Patients should be consulted by doctors before a mammography is performed.
- It should not be done within 1 week prior to a menstrual cycle.

4. X-ray

Routine X-ray techniques (Patients don’t need to prepare anything before the performance)

* PA Chest X-ray.
* Sinus X-ray (Blondeau- Hirtz), Schuller, and temporomandibular joint.
* Bone, joints, spinal column, and skull (AP-Lat)
* Upright Abdominal Plain Film
* Tooth X-ray.

Prepared X-ray techniques (patients need to prepare something relating to each technique).

* Esophagus X-ray.
* Barium meal (patients need to starve themselves at least 8 hours before the performance).
* Barium Enema. (enema is needed prior to the performance)
* UIV (it’s necessary to be consulted and injected constract agent before performed).
* Patients who have an X-ray need to follow X-ray doctors and technicians’ instructions to get the highest quality films.

5. Ambulatory X-ray

To serve an X-ray performance for in-bed patients and on-the-spot health check for companies’ staff as required.

6. 01 ambulatory X-ray of C - Arm

For ERCP, internal and external fixation (used in operating rooms).


I. Introduction

There are 3 doctors in the echocardiography room

- Dr. Le Dza Uyen
- Dr. Nguyen Van Huong
- Dr. Tran Minh Khanh

And 2 professionally trained nurses to instruct, assist and care customers wholeheartedly during the echocardiography performance.

Currently, there are 2 NEW-GENERATION COLOR DOPPLER MACHINES OF KONTRON, made in France.

These machines are able to assess WHOLE HEART and VASCULAR SYSTEM.

The ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY room opens 12 hours everyday (7:00 – 19:00). Besides working hours above, we have on-call doctors in case of hospital emergencies.

Thus, customers are served 24/24.

Particularly, our department will SAVE YOUR SONOGRAPHY RECORD PERMANENTLY in computers. Therefore, it’s easy and fast to retrieve your data or monitor your disease progress.

II. When do you need to have ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY performed?

The ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY machine now is very popular and cost-effective. Therefore, its indications are also wide. However, you need to be examined or consulted by doctor before the ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY is done. ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY’s indications are as follows:
1/ Children (below 5 yrs old): signs and symptoms of cyanosis around their lip or limbs, fever or recurrent cough in many times, anorexia, growth retardation… Ultrasound is used to detect or assess congenital heart diseases.
2/ Elderly children ( from 6 yrs old– 18 yrs old): If the children suffer from sore throat frequently and pain in their joints, ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY is used to detect damages of heart valves after rheumatic fever or mild congenital heart defects which could be prevented or treated soon or on time.
3/ Adults: Based on each individual’s general appearance and accompanied disorders, treatment doctors will recommend you the checking time. But in case of no illness found, you should also need to have your heart checked periodically every 6 months to 1 year. In addition, if there are such signs and symptoms as: angina, weakness, short breathing, palpitation, or sweating, patients should go to have their heart checked right away and as soon as possible.

III. What diseases could be detected by ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY?

At ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY room of Van Hanh Hospital, we can detect almost cardiovascular disorders as follows:

1. CONGENITAL HEART DISEASES : Ventricular septal defect , Atrial septal defect, Patent ductus arterlosus, Tetralogy of Fallot, complete or incomlete atrioventricular canal, Double-outlet right ventricle,…congenital valvular stenosis or congenital valvular regurgitation,…

2. CARDIOMYOPATHIES: Myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, dilated cardiomyopathies, hypertrophic cardiomyopathies, restrictive cardiomyopathies, and cardiomyomas, left atrial myxoma,…

3. VALVULAR HEART DISEASES: Rheumatic valvular diseases, congenital valvular defects.

4. VASCULAR DISEASES: Venous insufficiency of lower extremities, stenosis or obstructions of renal, carotid and limb blood vessels…

5. We also assess blood flow through FISTULA for hemodialysis patients, or blood flow to brain.

In the near future, we intend to develop EXERCISE STRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY to detect coronary heart diseases and myocardial infarction in early stages, which is difficult to be detected in conventional ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY.

IV. What do I need to prepare before Echocardiography or Vascular Sonography is checked?

In Conventional ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY and Vascular Sonography, it’s neither necessary to fast nor drink much water and nor wait for long time.

V. I have ECG checked already. May I free from Echocardiography or vice versa?

ECG is NOT BE ABLE TO BE REPLACED FOR ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY. ECG only gains advantage in heartbeat assessment, and partly in cardiomyopathies and valvular heart diseases but in very late stages. To assess whether heart is enlarged, or stenosis-valved, or under regurgitation, ischemia, and myocardial infarction, it’s necessary to be scanned by echocardiography to get the accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY can’t diagnose your arrhythmias. Therefore, both ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY and ECG should be combined in cardiac examination. Video Clip
This is a case of a 34-yr-old female patient who has got married and two children. This patient goes for examination with her chief complaint of weakness in heavy lift and short of breath in going upstairs and downstairs.
The Patient had heart checked and detected with a congenital heart disease of ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT (ASD) with shunt # 17mm, mild dilated right heart. Pulmonary hypertension # 45mmHg.


After more than two decades, ultrasonography has been fast developed in the world thanks to its many applications in clinical specialties, although there are still many other high-class means of imaging diagnosis such as CT scan, Magnetic Resonance MRI, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), to date, ultrasonography still not only remains its particular advantages, but also creates many new applications for its development, technical perfect and image quality enhances.
The division of Sonopgraphy was founded at the same time with Van Hanh General Hospital establishment. Initially, there were only 03 doctors with 03 2-dimension ultrasonography machines together with other departments taking part in providing patients with health care services.

Working on 3D Ultrasound


Demands for medical services become higher and higher. To ensure examination visit time and accuracy in diagnoses and to avoid needless shortcomings for patients, our hospital leaders wish to develop the Division of Sonography and enhance examination and treatment quality as well as keep pace with the rapid development of medical knowledge level and technical means of medical examination. Therefore, our Division of Sonography is equipped with 2 more new and modern ultrasonography machines in order to early detect abnormalities accurately by sharp and high-quality images. These are Color Doppler and Power Doppler ultrasonography machines. In addition, 3D–4D color ultrasound machines are used to detect the early abnormalities of fetus during pregnancy.

Personnel of our Division of Sonography consist of:
- Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Dao
- Dr. Ngo Thi Kim Lien
- Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong
- Dr. Tran Thi Tran
- Master Dr. Ton That Hong Thanh
With the team of experienced, seriously-minded and carefully-working doctors, we have supported clinical cases much in giving exact diagnoses for years.
And together with the team of trained nurses who are frequently updated with medical professional skills as well as those of a friendly communication and warm support towards patients on time and wholeheartedly, we have built patient’s belief and love towards our hospital.

Working on Color Doppler


Our fundamental rules of working

- Being Hospitable and friendly to patients. Treating them as our relatives.
- Being Serious, careful and considerate in working.
- Being wholehearted and whole-minded for work and serve patients’ demands for the best medical services
- Always studying and improving knowledge to enhance medical education level and to master practice skills.
- Frequently updating information, promoting know-how and combining with other departments in examination and giving diagnoses accurately.

Routine activities of Division of Sonography

- Ultrasonography scanning of soft tissues, thyroid glands, breasts, scotum - linguine … (2D, Color Doppler).
- General Abdominal Ultrasonography: to assess livers, pancreas, spleens, kidneys, adrenal glands, gastro intestine, mesentery, bladder, prostate, uterus - adnexa, abdominal blood vessel system … (2D, Color Doppler).
- Ultrasonography scanning for fetus assessment and for obstetric examination …… (2D, 3D-4D, Color Doppler).

Our doctor and nurse staff of the Division of Sonography always tries to study and perfect our medical knowledge and practical skills in ultrasound patient examination in compliance with the hospital policy and that proposed by the medical sector “Always bring belief to each patient”

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