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Department of plastic and cosmetic surgery

Welcome you to visit the information page of Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - Van Hanh Hospital

Cosmetic surgery is a medical field which beautifies people and their life. Thanks to the surgical plastic and cosmetic interventions, many people whom are left behind by time find their past beauty again. Some of them become more confident and successful in their career, love or their family life because plastic and cosmetic surgery cleans absolutely their complex of body’s shortcomings. However, choosing a certain hospital or cosmetic institute for operation implementation is very important to beautifiers and it decides the operation success as well as the beautifier’s real satisfaction of expected beauty.

From the need above, Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Van Hanh Hospital founded on Sep 19, 2003 has been the first plastic and cosmetic department of the private hospital sector in Ho Chi Minh city. And now it is the only plastic and cosmetic department in Ho Chi Minh city that is permitted to carry out all-over cosmetic surgery in head, face, breast, abdomen and limbs.

Total cases of breast-lifting: 2000 cases and more than 100 complicated cases transferred from other places are cured.

Total cases of abdominal liposuction: 500 cases, in which the greatest removal volume in one time of liposuction is 7.6 kg.

Many cases accompanied with the complicated underlying diseases such as anemia, hypertension, diabetes, ovarian cancer, and hyperthyroidism and so on have been operated successfully at the department.

if the performance above is achieved, it is because we always care about factors contributing to the success of an operation to bring a beautifier’s real satisfaction. Those are:

1. At Van Hanh Hospital, the surgeon staff is regularly and systematically trained in both domestic and abroad and highly-skilled.

2. Particularly, in comparison with other hospitals, we have a team of experienced anesthetist specializing in cosmetic surgery because we’re aware of the fact that anesthesia and resuscitation also play a very important role and the success of this step and they bring a beautifier comfort and painlessness. With the satisfied beauty, right after operation, the beautifier is able to come back to their daily activities as though she just wakes up in the morning.

3. Van Hanh Hospital is a general hospital and therefore Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is also supported by other departments such as Cardiology, Endocrinology and Laboratory in diagnosis and treatment in case the beautifier is detected for problems of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and so on, which makes a nearly absolute safety for a cosmetic operation.

4. Updating new technologies, modern equipment, comfortable accommodation and hospitable and considerate services are the things we always care.
Furthermore, Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery always updates fashion trends and standards of Western and Oriental beauty, look for new methods, upgrade cosmetic equipment to the most advanced level and are ready to meet all needs for beauty-making.

Finally, with higher and higher quality services, our Department’s commitment is to provide you with the most satisfied results in beauty-making:

1. Surgery of Head and Face
2. Breast
3. Belly
4. Extremities
5. Methods of facial wrinkles removal
6. Snoring treatment by Laser
7. Development orientation of Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
8. Registration for a direct consultancy appointment
(Tel: 08 8622 018 - 08 8622 019)

All operations relate to eyelids and eyebrows, particularly scars due to accidents or mis-operated in other places. Reshaping the nose bridge into a modern and Oriental style.



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